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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does one LitterLocker refill cartridge last?
One refill lasts on average 2 months for 1 cat.

What kind of cat litter can be used with the LitterLocker disposal system?
The LitterLocker system has been designed to be used with clumping cat litter.

Does the bag really lock in odours?
The bag really locks in odours thanks to the multi-layer plastic film. The unique design of the unit also ensures that the bag remains airtight once clumped litter is in the bag.

How often do I need to empty the LitterLocker II?
It can hold up to 2 weeks of clumped litter (for 1 cat). When the bag is full, just open the LitterLocker II, cut the bag and dispose of it. Then you can pull more film from the refill, knot the bag and pull it to the bottom of the bin. You are now ready to use the LitterLocker II again.

Can I use the LitterLocker II refills in the original LitterLocker unit?
The LitterLocker II refills can only be used with the LitterLocker II system. If you own the original LitterLocker, you will need to keep using the LitterLocker I or LitterLocker Plus refills.

Can I use a grocery bag in the LitterLocker II?
The LitterLocker is odourless thanks to the unique design of the barrier film in the refill cartridge. When the LitterLocker is full and needs emptying simply cut off the film and tie a knot in it. The waste can then be disposed of in your garbage bin without making the bin smell. Using a grocery bag will mean that cat odours will still be in the home as well as in the garbage bin where it can attract insects and vermin.

Can I use Angelcare refills in the LitterLocker II?
Angelcare refills are not identical to LitterLocker II refills and do not fit seamlessly into the LitterLocker II.