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The LitterLocker is completely odourless thanks to the Air-Seal multi-layer barrier film contained in the refill.

Furthermore the unique design of the handle closing system ensures that the bag remains airtight once soiled litter is in the bag.

Soiled litter can be stored in the LitterLocker for up to 2 weeks (but can be emptied at any time). When the bag is full, just open the pail, cut the bag and dispose of it. Then pull more film from the refill, knot the bag and pull it to the bottom of the bin. Refills last for up to 2 months on average for one cat.

  •  No more running around for grocery bags
  •  No more daily trips to the rubbish bin
  •  1 Refill cartridge saves 60 grocery bags

The LitterLocker comes complete with a litter scoop, scoop holder (which sits neatly on the side of the unit) and your first refill.